Certified proof of origin “Made in Europe” or “Made in Germany”.

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Increase your market success and improve your communication with customers with the certified proof of origin – Made in Germany or Made in Europe.

In a world where the choice of foreign products seems limitless, your customers are looking for a sign of quality and trust. The certified proof of origin “Made in Germany” offers exactly this orientation and sets your product apart from the crowd. It is a sign of successful reshoring. Statistics show that the country of origin and reshoring are increasingly a decisive criterion for many buyers - alongside price, quality and service.

VRfW certification – your commitment to quality:

Their products are not only outstanding in performance and design, they also carry the VRfW seal, which certifies local added value of at least 50 percent in Germany or Europe. This seal is more than a label - it is a promise to your customers that every key feature of your product, from safety to how it is manufactured, is tested and trustworthy.

Advantage for medium-sized companies:

For medium-sized businesses in particular, certification offers a unique opportunity to emphasize the origin and special properties of their products. For manufacturers who already have the “Made in…” label, the neutral confirmation from VRfW is a valuable upgrade to their brand promise. The next step would be to demonstrate compliance with the Supply Chain Act for your major customers with 3,500 or more employees.

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Increase trust in your products with VRfW certification. Show the world that your company stands for quality, safety, Made in Europe and transparency. Contact us today to get your products certified and gain a real competitive advantage.