Reshoring is critical to our country’s prosperity. It improves economic stability by reducing supply chain vulnerabilities, ensuring superior product quality, promoting job growth and curbing carbon emissions. We invite you to become part of reshoring for a more robust, environmentally friendly and prosperous Germany!

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examples of unfair competition practices

Forced labor

Reports have revealed that in some parts of China, minorities such as the Uyghurs are forced to work under forced labor conditions. This has led to international concerns about the ethical sourcing of goods from this region.

Intellectual Property

Some foreign companies have been accused of copying Western technologies and intellectual property without paying royalties or giving proper credit.


This refers to the sale of goods in a foreign market at prices below the cost of production in order to force local producers out of the market. China has been accused in the past of exporting products such as steel and solar panels at dumping prices.

Restrictions on Foreign Companies

Some Asian countries require foreign companies to enter into joint ventures with local companies or follow other restrictions to operate in the country.


State-owned enterprises or certain industries in some Asian countries receive significant subsidies that can distort free competition.

Non-tariff barriers

Some Asian countries use technical standards, quarantine regulations, or other non-tariff barriers to restrict the import of foreign products and protect their own industries.

Currency Manipulation

Some countries are accused of keeping their currencies artificially low to make their exports more competitive.

What measures need to be taken?

Diversification of trading partners

Europe should expand its trading relationships to a wider range of countries, both within and outside Asia. This can be achieved by entering into trade agreements and investing in emerging markets.

Strengthening competitiveness

Promoting innovation, research and development, and investing in education and technology can increase Europe's competitiveness and help provide high-quality products and services.

Promoting domestic production

Strengthening domestic production can reduce dependence on imports from Asia. This can be achieved by investing in industry, creating a conducive business environment and supporting SMEs.

Supply chain diversification

Companies in Europe should diversify their supply chains and seek alternative suppliers in different regions of the world to be less vulnerable to disruptions.

Promoting international cooperation

Europe should work more closely with other regions and countries to promote common interests. This can help create a more balanced global trading system.

Investing in key industries

Europe can invest in key industries that are of strategic importance to strengthen domestic production and technological leadership.

Promote sustainable development

Europe can reduce its dependence on certain raw materials from Asia by increasing its reliance on renewable energy, recycling and sustainable use of resources.

Strengthening the EU as a trading bloc

The European Union can use its position as a major trading bloc to negotiate better trading conditions and promote common interests at the international level.

This strategy can be important for a variety of reasons —

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Supply chain

Reshoring reduces risks with distant suppliers and ensures reliable production.
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Cost efficiency

Despite the initial costs, reshoring results in savings through reduced logistics and increased productivity.
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Quality and control

Proximity enables real-time quality checks, increasing product integrity.
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Reshoring creates local jobs, revitalizes communities and strengthens the workforce.
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Environmental Impact

Shorter supply chains reduce emissions and promote sustainability.
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Technological innovation

Proximity promotes innovation and increases competitiveness.
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Security & Geopolitics

Reshoring strengthens autonomy and stability in a globalized world.